hi all,
i need a help in jsp.
i want to open a word file in an application using jsp.
and it should not in browsers.
just the word application only should open.
if u have any coding for this means pls send it.
very urgent .hurry up!

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Firstly this is not the jsp forum.
Secondly making demands such as "hurry up" will just make people ignore you.

Just like now.

use a link (a href=bla)

you can't control that. If you set the mime type correctly the browser will open it whichever way it can, if you don't it will prompt you to save it.

Of course if you don't use an iComputer you won't have an iBrowser either, problem solved.

thanks for ur replies,
is it possible to open a application through jsp? and one main thing is the application should not open in a browser. if possible means pls send the code for me.
i am using tomcat server.. pls help.

no, it is not.
At least not the way you want to do.

Learn the difference between clientside and serverside code (and which of the two JSP are) and you soon realise why that is the case.

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