I've always wondered how GObjects had such significantly improved pixel-rendering over objects sketched out by the Graphics object in paint and paintComponent methods.

What approach should I take to receive the same effect for big images that are say 1024x960, when using simple Graphics? Is there some way to traverse the rendering scheme with different threads to make the job done faster, or is there a way to make the pixels seem "permanent" like they do for GObjects?

Hopefully the question isn't too unclear. It's just annoying to always get a flashy screen or flashy objects when using sketches in a Component that isn't a GCanvas and I'd like to figure out the rendering secret.


Edit: Oh man, talk about being tired and making a topic... Emulting is supposed to be Emulating @_@

Never having used any GObject components, I don't really understand exactly what you are wanting to emulate.

As far as other rendering strategies, it really depends on what you're doing now and what you're wanting to change about it.

You might find some value in looking through the source code examples from the book Filthy Rich Clients. The code can be downloaded from the "Examples" side tab (no direct link to it or I would link there instead). The authors cover many techniques for rendering various graphical effects.

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