Hi everybody :)
here is my problem: I have a Linux cluster I have to run tests on it by using scheduler PBS and I have installed the MPI libraries. What I have done so far is writing down with the help of vi editor a simple C programs using the MPI libraries included and started the file from the console. So my problem now is how to use PBS with this MPI programs. It seems to me that I don't really need the scheduler. In fact the MPI code is dealing by himself with the spare nodes of the cluster (or at least it seems like this to me). I am brand new in doing this and if somebody has any experience in running PBS (or any other scheduler) with C/C++ based MPI code please, please help!
Thank you in advance :)

I depends on the version of mpi, the scheduler and most of all how the admin has setup the system.

If the admin is you,
then you might have to setup a small script.

I did the following when I installed mpi.

my version of mpi used a list of hosts in some dot file int my home lib.

So I read a list of available hosts from the scheduler and put these in the dot file.

good luck

Thank you very much

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