OK so Christmas time is here again and i am thinking about computer controlling my Christmas lights. I understand the easiest way to do so is thru the parallel port. I also understand that this is possible thru c++. I have the dll fill needed but dont understand the code examples. I am a newbie so I was wondering if anyone could help my out. I just want to control pins 2-9. Thanks in advance.


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Your gonna need to provide alot more information. For example what are you programming exactly..some kind of mirco controller. Each micro controller is different and the dll file you have been given will vary for each also. So it is not so much a C++ question. It is more a question about the dll you have been provided with. I would suggest search for a forum that specifies in working with the particular chip you are dealing with. You will probably get better answers. Either way that information you have given is inadequate.


ok two start i have the dll file inpout.dll. now im not using a micro controller. What i hope to do is something like this

thanks for the link i can probly find an old machine someplace.

But before you get to wrapped up in code for Christmas lights - you could always get some simple 555 style timers, and few dozen pots, instead.
Look up projects like stop-lights, and guitar pedals that use them.

Might be easier, might be harder, depends on what you prefer.

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