I am attempting to read a text file.

ifstream indata;
			// file couldn't be opened
			// file opened

		// keep reading until end-of-file
		string data;

		while (getline(indata, data)) 
			//this is where i want to store values

I want to read values from a text file. Im making the text file so I can read it however. This is a simple example of what I was thinking:

////text file/////
1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12
////text file/////

How do I store these values into a 2 dimensional array?

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If there is no need for error checking I would read the values from the file as integers as opposed to strings.


Set up your 2-D array of integers, then read values into the array with the >> operator.

indata >> array[i][j];
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