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Am a beginners programmer. i have a task of extracting data from a text database, split and write it to another specify folder.Pls i need a code to do this. thanks

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Now few qestions. What Database are you using? What kind of extraction do you want to perform. Explain in details and i can help you out.

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binoj_daniel, thanks you.
Further to my last posting on Data Extraction. the data are Comma Separated files. they are all in the same format but several file stored in a folder with different name. example: file 1.txt,file2.txt,file3.txt.I need a code to process it together at once.In each file, i used Line Input to read the file line by line but the data need to be split and re-arrange for output in another folder but retain the same file name.

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Its can worked out. Try to read one file at a time and split that into diff. files.
I have a very similar utility i wrote to extract emails from files on your harddrive and it works for subfolders too. It can also extract emails from the file and riectory names. Try this program and would love it. I have also included the source files of the programs. I wrote it in VB6. It has the file splitter function too.

you can find this on my tech portal : http://www.coderewind.com/?categ&view_article=24

You have sign up to download the source files.

Let me know.

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I require frequent data extractions, there is one software that came handy. Its available on http://www.mountonetech.com/products.asp

The cost of the software is not much, its simple to use but is very useful.

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