I've been going crazy with a problem lately and I was hoping someone could give me a little insight.

Basically I have a database project in C# that I work on with two computers. One uses Vista and the other XP. So far I have transfered the project files between the two computers and have been ok.

Recently though, the application no longer works on the XP machine. I keep getting an error that the program could not initialize the database (I can't remember the exact error).

I did a little digging and most online resources say it's due to a corrupted user.config file. However I cannot find any user.config file related to the project. So what I'm thinking it's that it's something else entirely.

The worst part is that this happened randomly and now I can't seem to fix it. It still runs fine on the Vista machine, but XP is not liking it.

Thanks in advance

PS. The only thing that I have done differently is that I Published the project (as a test) on the Vista machine, but I'm not sure if that was before or after.

I didn't fully understand you, however have you .config file has some resources used by your code, like connection string, etc...

try to deploy your project on XP machine and see if error raises or not.

Keep me updated with your problem.

I thought about what you said and I'm fairly certain that it was the ClickOnce deployment that seemed to cause the problem. Seems like curiousity killed the cat on this one.

I turned off the Signing for the project but it still won't run on XP. Is there anything that needs to be done to clear the project of "Signing"?

So I took of any Signing, and then I got excited because there was something checked in Security about ClickOnce or something. But neither helped.

Conclusion: It's unsolvable.

I created a new project and imported all the forms and the database and now it works flawlessly again.

Thanks for all the help!