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Alright I am totally new to Visual Basic and might have just shot myself in the foot agreeing to do this class! Our first project is due tomorrow and not only has my book still not arrived but I was violently ill the past few days and missed class! (Senior year=Awesome Start).

I do not want someone to do my homework for me by any means, but I have no idea where to even begin! I need to create an application for carpet sales and installations that allow the user to enter the length and width of a room and calculate the area. Simple right? I know using the wage calculator (?) should help with that but I don't even know where to find and add that.

I know I basically have to take Area=LengthxWidth and get a program with a visual interface to get this and then have a flowchart to figure this all out but I am so incredibly overwhelmed at the moment.

Can anyone help point me in the right direction? Thank you so much if so!


Go on Google and google a Calculator. And then open the source and incorporate it in your program. It's the quickest way without someone doing it for you. And when you done that and if you need more help just ask. :)

Create a form with 3 text areas and one calculate button , you will not get an easier homework than this one.

post your own code? so we can help.
ithelp was give the best answer...

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Ok apparently I freaked out for nothing... we just had to build the structure and pseudocode but not make it calculate.... but yes thank you all so much for your help. I may be back sometime this semester!

i read your problem.nothing to worry.i can help to project as windows appl., in next a window will open.create three textbox 1,2&3.also create a button.double click the button u get a window in this following will be typed.
dim a,b,c as integer
now press f5 to get output for this.if u want to know in dept pls refer visual basic .net of yasvant kantekar.i hope it's useful to u.