Hello all, im new to this community and i would use some help. I have learned VB.Net and i write programms for almost a year and a half. Currently im learning C, C++, and C#, but i dont have any expirience with these languages. So i would like you to give me some ideas about some projects in VB that will help me maintain the knowledge i have, and some projects that will help me gain more practical knowledge.

What i know in:

-Object Oriented programming
-Database Connections with Access, SQL
-Basics(making Functions, Classes etc)

-Object Oriented Programming(need more excersice)
-Polymorfism(Simple cases, not advanced)
-I can handle pointers and such
-operator overload

Any Help will be appriciated

PS: Im only 15 so dont be strict :)

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You can make a claculator and add stuff like converters for temperature, distance, weight and such... then add formulas for density, then you can go further in science like working with ohms and such. It will also be usefull in school. I dont think that will be hard but it would maintain your knowledge.


What would really boost your knowledge and experience would be like a basic phone book system.
All the names and numbers are stored in a database such as Access. This would be a good chance for you to learn about ADO.net or maybe SQL server 2005.

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