this is my first project n i need help in displaying images in imagebox

this is the code to display the code which i am using to display images in imagebox

Image1.Picture = LoadPicture("C:\images\" & Text3.Text & ".jpg") '<<this works fine>>

in the above code the location is C:\images\ , the file name will be the value of text3

but in case if the image with the filename<<value of text 3>> is nt found in C:\images\

i want to display an alternate image whose name is "mypic" and is located in C:\images\

what should be the code??
plz help ASAP

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Dim basePath as String
Dim filename as String
Dim ext as String
ext = ".jpg"

basePath = "C:\Images\"
filename = Text3.Text
filename = filename & ext

 Dim oFile As New Scripting.FileSystemObject
    FileExists = oFile.FileExists(basePath & filename + ext)

filename = "mypic" + ext
End If

Image1.Picture = LoadPicture(basepath & filename)

nice catch, got in a hurry and have been used to c# for a bit

you do need to add a reference to scrrun.dll

If Not (oFile.FileExists(basePath & filename + ext)) Then
filename = "mypic" + ext
End If

Dim oFile As New Scripting.FileSystemObject

when running it says " compile error: user -defined type not defined

plz help me with this...ASAP


sorry for the last post....it was my mistake that it wasnt working...no its working fine...

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