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I couldn't imagine any bit of competent help being not worth while, but then again I've been surprised before.

However, the fact that he offers it in 6DVDs or VHS tapes makes me wonder when the last time he kept up on anything was.

The description really doesn't get all too specific with what is actually covered so I kind of wonder if it's just a sam's teach yourself the basics of C/C++ only in cheezy video form.

So I guess what I'm saying is, no I probably wouldn't purchase those videos, but that doesn't mean you can't gain benefit from them.


>Can anyone tell me if this video and course work is helpful at all?
In my experience, video courses on programming are all crap.


Better to buy a good book -- it will last longer and you can easily read/reread as often as you want. Books are also very handy to keep at your side while programming. You can look things up in a book while you can't do that with a video without watching the whole blasted video again.

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