All I want to do with the program here is display a name and address. However, I'm getting this error when I run the exe.

The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal intruction.
CS:000 IP:0077 OP: fo 37 05 0a 02 Choose 'Close' to terminate the application."

What's going on?

Here is what I have in the source file.

.model	small


	.stack 100h

Display db 'Rick James /n'
	   db '36123 RedWay Tustin CA 92780', 13, 10, '$'

Main proc
	mov ax, @data
	mov ds, ax	

	mov ah, 9h
	mov dx, OFFSET Display
	int 21h
	mov al, 0

	mov ah, 0h
	int 21h				
Main endp
end Main

New problem. When I build my solution it says that the macro I'm trying to open cannot be opened. I have it as a notepad labeled PCMAC.INC. Is there a certain type of file it's suppose to be?