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I am trying to do reverse engineering i.e. i am trying to get the signature of the function from the arm assembly code. I want to know how can we extract function signature from arm assembly code.

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Hi I got some useful information regarding ARM architecture,this can be useful for others also:

* r0-r3 are the argument and scratch registers; r0-r1 are also the result registers
* r4-r8 are callee-save registers
* r9 might be a callee-save register or not (on some variants of AAPCS it is a special register)
* r10-r11 are callee-save registers
* r12-r15 are special registers

A callee-save register must be saved by the callee (in opposition to a caller-save register, where the caller saves the register); so, if this is the ABI you are using, you do not have to save r10 before calling another function (the other function is responsible for saving it).

Edit: Which compiler you are using makes no difference; gcc in particular can be configured for several different ABIs, and it can even be changed on the command line. Looking at the prologue/epilogue code it generates is not that useful, since it is tailored for each function and the compiler can use other ways of saving a register (for instance, saving it in the middle of a function).

Hi I am also doing same type of work, I working with very complex arm assembly code, can you help me what should be the data type of passed arguments in the called function.

31be60d4	    b5f0	push	{r4, r5, r6, r7, lr}
31be60d6	    af03	add	r7, sp, #12
31be60d8	    4b32	ldr	r3, [pc, #200]	(0x31be61a4)
31be60da	    b08f	sub	sp, #60
31be60dc	    1c0e	mov	r6, r1		(add r6, r1, #0)
31be60de	    9303	str	r3, [sp, #12]
31be60e0	    9005	str	r0, [sp, #20]
31be60e2	ed86f012	blx	0x31bf8bf0	; symbol stub for: _mig_get_reply_port
31be60e6	    4b30	ldr	r3, [pc, #192]	(0x31be61a8)
31be60e8	    2103	mov	r1, #3
31be60ea	    9308	str	r3, [sp, #32]
31be60ec	    2300	mov	r3, #0
31be60ee	    9301	str	r3, [sp, #4]
31be60f0	    9302	str	r3, [sp, #8]
31be60f2	    2218	mov	r2, #24
31be60f4	    2330	mov	r3, #48
31be60f6	    ad03	add	r5, sp, #12
31be60f8	    9006	str	r0, [sp, #24]
31be60fa	    9000	str	r0, [sp, #0]
31be60fc	    a803	add	r0, sp, #12
31be60fe	ed18f012	blx	0x31bf8b30	; symbol stub for: _mach_msg
31be6102	    1e04	sub	r4, r0, #0
31be6104	    d014	beq	0x31be6130
31be6106	    4b29	ldr	r3, [pc, #164]	(0x31be61ac)
31be6108	    429c	cmp	r4, r3
31be610a	    d00d	beq	0x31be6128
31be610c	    429c	cmp	r4, r3
31be610e	    dc06	bgt	0x31be611e
31be6110	    4b27	ldr	r3, [pc, #156]	(0x31be61b0)
31be6112	    429c	cmp	r4, r3
31be6114	    d008	beq	0x31be6128
31be6116	    9806	ldr	r0, [sp, #24]
31be6118	ed72f012	blx	0x31bf8c00	; symbol stub for: _mig_put_reply_port
31be611c	    e03f	b	0x31be619e
31be611e	    4b25	ldr	r3, [pc, #148]	(0x31be61b4)
31be6120	    429c	cmp	r4, r3
31be6122	    d001	beq	0x31be6128
31be6124	    3303	add	r3, #3
31be6126	    e7f4	b	0x31be6112
31be6128	    9806	ldr	r0, [sp, #24]
31be612a	ed5af012	blx	0x31bf8be0	; symbol stub for: _mig_dealloc_reply_port
31be612e	    e036	b	0x31be619e
31be6130	    9b08	ldr	r3, [sp, #32]
31be6132	    4a21	ldr	r2, [pc, #132]	(0x31be61b8)
31be6134	    4293	cmp	r3, r2
31be6136	    d005	beq	0x31be6144
31be6138	    2b47	cmp	r3, #71
31be613a	    d101	bne	0x31be6140
31be613c	    4c1f	ldr	r4, [pc, #124]	(0x31be61bc)
31be613e	    e02e	b	0x31be619e
31be6140	    4c1f	ldr	r4, [pc, #124]	(0x31be61c0)
31be6142	    e02c	b	0x31be619e
31be6144	    9b03	ldr	r3, [sp, #12]
31be6146	    9a04	ldr	r2, [sp, #16]
31be6148	    2b00	cmp	r3, #0
31be614a	    db27	blt	0x31be619c
31be614c	    2a28	cmp	r2, #40
31be614e	    d005	beq	0x31be615c
31be6150	    2a24	cmp	r2, #36
31be6152	    d123	bne	0x31be619c
31be6154	    980b	ldr	r0, [sp, #44]
31be6156	    2800	cmp	r0, #0
31be6158	    d103	bne	0x31be6162
31be615a	    e01f	b	0x31be619c
31be615c	    980b	ldr	r0, [sp, #44]
31be615e	    2800	cmp	r0, #0
31be6160	    d00d	beq	0x31be617e
31be6162	    4b18	ldr	r3, [pc, #96]	(0x31be61c4)
31be6164	    7f2a	ldrb	r2, [r5, #28]
31be6166	    447b	add	r3, pc
31be6168	    681b	ldr	r3, [r3, #0]
31be616a	    791b	ldrb	r3, [r3, #4]
31be616c	    429a	cmp	r2, r3
31be616e	    d002	beq	0x31be6176
31be6170	    9b0b	ldr	r3, [sp, #44]
31be6172	    ba18	rev	r0, r3
31be6174	    900b	str	r0, [sp, #44]
31be6176	    2800	cmp	r0, #0
31be6178	    d00b	beq	0x31be6192
31be617a	    1c04	mov	r4, r0		(add r4, r0, #0)
31be617c	    e00f	b	0x31be619e
31be617e	    4b12	ldr	r3, [pc, #72]	(0x31be61c8)
31be6180	    7f2a	ldrb	r2, [r5, #28]
31be6182	    447b	add	r3, pc
31be6184	    681b	ldr	r3, [r3, #0]
31be6186	    791b	ldrb	r3, [r3, #4]
31be6188	    429a	cmp	r2, r3
31be618a	    d002	beq	0x31be6192
31be618c	    9b0b	ldr	r3, [sp, #44]
31be618e	    ba1b	rev	r3, r3
31be6190	    930b	str	r3, [sp, #44]
31be6192	    2324	mov	r3, #36
31be6194	    2400	mov	r4, #0
31be6196	    5ceb	ldrb	r3, [r5, r3]
31be6198	    7033	strb	r3, [r6, #0]
31be619a	    e000	b	0x31be619e
31be619c	    4c0b	ldr	r4, [pc, #44]	(0x31be61cc)
31be619e	    b00f	add	sp, #60
31be61a0	    1c20	mov	r0, r4		(add r0, r4, #0)
31be61a2	    bdf0	pop	{r4, r5, r6, r7, pc}
31be61a4	    1513	asr	r3, r2, #20
31be61a6	    0000	lsl	r0, r0, #0
31be61a8	    b48d	push	{r0, r2, r3, r7}
31be61aa	    0054	lsl	r4, r2, #1
31be61ac	    4002	and	r2, r0
31be61ae	    1000	asr	r0, r0, #0
31be61b0	    0009	lsl	r1, r1, #0
31be61b2	    1000	asr	r0, r0, #0
31be61b4	    4006	and	r6, r0
31be61b6	    1000	asr	r0, r0, #0
31be61b8	    b4f1	push	{r0, r4, r5, r6, r7}
31be61ba	    0054	lsl	r4, r2, #1
31be61bc	    fecc	second half of BL instruction 0xfecc
31be61be	    ffff	second half of BL instruction 0xffff
31be61c0	    fed3	second half of BL instruction 0xfed3
31be61c2	    ffff	second half of BL instruction 0xffff
31be61c4	    713e	strb	r6, [r7, #4]
31be61c6	    07ff	lsl	r7, r7, #31
31be61c8	    7122	strb	r2, [r4, #4]
31be61ca	    07ff	lsl	r7, r7, #31
31be61cc	    fed4	second half of BL instruction 0xfed4
31be61ce	    ffff	second half of BL instruction 0xffff
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