I am having an issue with a subclass. When I put in the code

package Ch1Pkg;

public class RoundBaseContainer extends BaseContainer{

to implement the superclass of BaseContainer, I am getting an error that says

cannot find symbol
Symbol: constructor BaseContainer()
location: class Ch1Pkg.BaseContainer

I have the files in the same package and am not sure why this is happening. There is not a typo. Here is the first few lines of my BaseContainer.java class file in the Ch1Pkg package.

package Ch1Pkg;

public abstract class BaseContainer implements Container {

The Container that BaseContainer implements is the interface but don't think that has anything to do with it. All files are in the same project and package. I am just stuck on how come this error is happening.

Thank you in advance for any help.

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I did just find a forum where the solution to this problem was to insert another constructor such as

public SquareBaseContainer(){

however, the error just moved from the extends line to the super() line. I'm so stuck.


solved the problem. I forgot to include the parameters for the public SquareBaseContainer() that were used in the BaseContainer class.

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