Good day.

I am using python for quite some time now and i decided to advance a little. I want to write a little extension, or add some C modules for my python. I use Active version.

What i want to do is write some wrappers for a game library, called HGE. See "".
I wrote some applications with HGE, in C++ and i like it pretty much.
In order to make a HGE application in C++, i need to include "hge.h", include "hge.lib" and "hgelehper.lib", and have "hge.dll" in the same directory. So it's 3 things i must have for the program to work.
This game library is open source, so i have the source for the libs and the dll.

Now, what i was thinking was to make some wrapping code like "hge.h" to call all the functions in the "libs", that (i guess) call the functions from "hge.dll", that (blah blah) calls DirectX and so on.
I guess that if i write all that "hge.h" includes and wariables in python, will be okay... even if i still don't have the skill.

I tried to call "hge.lib" like this:
from ctypes import *
But i get "WindowsError: [Error 193] %1 is not a valid Win32 application".
I tried with windll.LoadLibrary ... and i get the same error.
I tried with the other lib versions, there are 3 versions: BorlandC, GCC, VisualC, callind "cdll" or "windll". All lib versions report the same error.

Recently i discovered PyInline and SciPy Weave. They say that Weave can run C code on the fly, inline... I really dobt that it can parse things like:
#ifndef HGE_H
#define HGE_H
#include <windows.h>

#define HGE_VERSION 0x180

#ifdef HGEDLL
#define EXPORT __declspec(dllexport)
#define EXPORT

#define CALL __stdcall

Has anyone ever encountered a problem like this ?
Any, ANY advice or idea would be useful !
Thank you very much.

could i use Pyrex or Cython for this ? ...