Hi All,
I have a program trying to use mousehover to pause the autoscroll. It is a widows form called:
lstOutput System.Windows.Forms.1 Below is how it is in my code.

Public Sub lstOutput_MouseHover(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles lstOutput.MouseHover
        'Public EventMouseHover As EventHandler

        lblPauseScroll.Text = "Output Paused" 'display output paused

        'Highlight the DataGridView
        Me.lstOutput.BackColor = Color.LightGray

        'Change point to hand
        Me.Cursor = Cursors.Hand

    End Sub

    Public Sub lstOutput_MouseExit(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles lstOutput.MouseLeave
        lblPauseScroll.Text = "" 'clearing the output paused label

        'Highlight the DataGridView
        Me.lstOutput.BackColor = Color.White

    End Sub

If (intPauseLoop >= 15) Then 'execute following code if greter than or equal 15
                intPauseLoop = 1 'reset pause loop variable

                'setup auto scroll check box for auto display choice
                If ckboxAutoScroll.Checked = True Then

                    If lblPauseScroll.Text = "" Then

                        'setup timer for auto display
                        Dim timeOut As DateTime = Now.AddMilliseconds(dblAutoScroll)

                        ' This loop is used to prevent application from freezing by
                        ' continuing to process the application messages and continues
                        ' until timeOut value is reached.
                        Loop Until Now > timeOut
                        'message box for amortization display
                        'user input required to proceed
                        MessageBox.Show("Press OK To Continue..", "Mortgage Amortization Table", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Question)
                    End If

                End If

For some reason I have to click on the form to get it to pause the first time and then after that it does pause when I place the mouse over the form. It is that first time that it won't pause. The Public Subs I hand typed the codes in, is there some way that I should have added the mousehover to the form itself or are there other reasons that it won't work the first time?
Any help would be appreceated.

Sorry, i forgot to add the last part of my code.

        If (intCounter1 <> intLoanTerm + 1) Then 'if loan term does not equal counter

                'check auto scroll command
                If ckboxAutoScroll.Checked = True Then

                    'clear output only when auto scroll is enabled
                    Me.lstOutput.Items.Clear() 'clear output list box

                End If

            End If

        End If