#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

struct Node{
int data;
Node *link;

typedef Node* NodePtr;

void addToEnd(NodePtr* head, int val);
void printList(NodePtr head);

NodePtr mergeLists(NodePtr* list1, NodePtr* list2);

int main()
int nextInt;

NodePtr list1 = NULL;
NodePtr list2 = NULL;

printf( "Enter integers in sorted order for first list, -1 to end\n");
scanf("%d, &nextInt");
while (nextInt != -1)
addToEnd(list1, nextInt);
scanf("%d, &nextInt");

printf("Enter integers in sorted order for second list, -1 to end\n");
scanf("%d, &nextInt");
while (nextInt != -1)
addToEnd(list2, nextInt);
scanf("%d, &nextInt");

NodePtr mergedList = mergeLists(list1, list2);

printf("Merged list\n");
printf("\nOriginal lists");
printf("\nlist1: ");
printf("\nlist2: ");

void addToEnd(NodePtr* head, int val)
NodePtr newNode = new Node;
newNode->data = val;
newNode->link = NULL;

if (head == NULL)
head = newNode;
NodePtr temp = head;
while (temp->link != NULL)
temp = temp->link;
temp->link = newNode;

void printList(NodePtr head)
if (head != NULL)
printf( " ",head->data);
return 0;
ROMANES EUNT DOMUS - That's an order!

what are the mistakes? what are the error messages ? what operating system? what compiler ? In otherwords, don't just toss some code out there and expect everyone to correct it. You need to explain what you want or what the problems are.

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