I plan to write a detailed rogue like in python. But first, I have a few questions...
how do i get started:

how to make the screen
how to make the maps
how to make the main character move when you press a key
how to make it saveable

if anyone can give me code examples for this that would be great.
Also, has anyone written a python roguelike before?

thanks ahead of time.

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Anybody who doesn't know what he's talking about and too lazy to google: wiki

If I were you I would look into pygame, as that would give you an easy-to-develop GUI with which to interact. The rest is simple python work.


If you search this forum you'll find lots of good examples of how to use pygame. Either that or your friendly google portal to the web.


Their big goal is to dethrone C/C++ from kingship of gaming programming!

Good luck to them on that one, as an interpreted language its not exactly the fasted language out there. Although i must say Oblivion use Python very well, but that isn't so much Pygame as far as im aware.


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