What is error LNK2019 and fatal error LNK1120?

I think I have figured out the Error LNK1120 is because I have C code trying to compile in C++. Can anyone tell me if this is true?

Is that all your compiler tells you about the error? That is not the reason since it is the LINKER that has thrown the error up which means it has compileid fine just the linker.


Usually there should be no problem compiling C code in C++. You could post your code and see if its there is an error in the code, but since you came down to the linking part I think your codes fine.

Try to google the errors.

As far as I know LNK1120 in MS VC gives a count of unresolved externals (LNK2019 error: unresolved external symnol found in the function...).
Both errors are common. No definition for external symbol. So we can't help you with error numbers only...

RTFM is the rule, google is your friend that makes it easy to follow the rule. Results of searching for LNK2019 yielded this and of searching for LNK1129 yielded this as the first hits.

In short, you have code that is trying to call a function (or multiple functions) you have not included in the build.