Hi could anyone tell me how to compile a three tear program in VC++. I am using g++ in school and so for practice at home I am using VC++ but I just can't get it to compile.

thanks in advance.

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As in 2 .cpp files and a .h, If so then perhaps you could show the error log.

What do you mean by three tear?

All VC programs must be projects... So open up the program. Go to "File -> New -> Project -> Visual C++ Projects -> Win32 -> Win32 Console Project", or similar. I'm on MSVC '03 so the menu's probably slightly different in whatever one you're using. Then press Ctrl+F5 to build and run (again in '03)

There is a wonderful choice in VS 2008 File menu:
File|New|Project From Existing Code...
Always specify Visual Studio version if you want help on IDE...

programs cry?

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