Hi all,

I need to maintain a text file which contains only 10 lines.

As a new line is added to the top - a line is removed from the bottom.

So although the file is automatically updated regularly it will always contain only 10 lines.

I know how to create a new text file but not how to add a line of text to the top or remove a line from the bottom.

Any assistance would be great,



Parse the file as a string, then find char position of the second to last line return, substring from 0th char to 2nd last CR/LR (removing bottom line), and append this substring to the line you want at the top...?
oldFile >> originalString;
substring = originalString - last line;
newString = newText + substring;
newString >> newFile;
I think this will work, it's been over half a year since I last used java so I may be a bit rusty. (There are probably better ways of doing this also.. )

Cool, I should say.
Sorry to interrupt on the thread.
How about this:-

I have a text file which is a file for "Hall Of Fame" in a small game program. It's a 10 lines file too - top tens will enter only. So, my question here is, how can I delete the last line (to eliminate the last one standing due to an occurence of a new record breaker.) from the file and add a line wherever it may apply?