I don't know if this belongs in the programming section, but I'll ask anyway:

I've been using VS2008 Pro since I got it for free through the MS Dreamspark student page. I've been using Dev C++ (Which many experienced programmers have given me harsh comments for) before I got it.

The problem is simply that I can't deploy the projects I make in any simple way, so that others can run the applications I've created on their computers. In Dev I just simply had to press F9 and it was all done. When I send the VS applications other people get an error telling them that the configuration in the application is faulty.

I've tried changing the build configuration from "Debug" to "Release" for the whole solution. Even though the applications became smaller like the debug data was removed they still generate the same error. I know how to create a working MSI, but for a 200-line application that is like using a container ship to freight some daily groceries.

Summarized, all I want to create is a single .exe file that can be run on any computer. Thank you!

google for the exact error message. Often google comes up with the answer. I recall seeing something about that problem before, but you didn't post the exact error message so I can't help you.

BTW: The express edition doesn't do deployments -- you will have to do it manually or with some other tool such as InstallShield.

I've been using my google skills for several hours now without any greater sucess. I just joined MSDN to get some answers.

The error message is in Swedish which I doubt many in here can read, but translated it is something like "The application could not start because of faulty configuration". At least I have confirmed that it has nothing to do with .NET framework versions.

I do have the full version of VS, but I won't make any applications that has to be installed in the closest years. I can't really understand what the problem here should be, but thanks anyway, I'll keep searching. If this is a usal problem many people out there should have lots of problems with VS.

I have been using VS2008 Express without any trouble.

I am not sure what kind of a project you are creating. But for regular .exe's I create a WIN32 Console Application project, add the files to it and compile.

For some compile issues, you may need to download the Microsoft Platform SDK, and have your Visual Studio directories point to those, but usually its not needed.

The problem isn't compiling the program, it is deploying the final executable on another computer. Most likely the problem is the other computer(s) need some of the dlls that are in the download link I provided.

You actally have to download the redistributable separately? That was really the last thing I could think of. MS should make it a lot clearer due to all the students using the Express editions who won't make any huge applications with installers.

Anyway, I have downloaded the redistributables and checked the methods for using it listed at MSDN. However, they are either too complex or got something to do with imitating the folders you are going to copy to the target computer (??).

It should not really be this hard to simply create a 100-line executable and send it through MSN to friend, right? I've used a freeware compiler/environment for some time now and it resolved ALL of this with one single click on F9. Would be thankful if anyone could point me in the right direction. What I want to do create is one single .exe with all needed files linked staticly. :-/