Hello I use this code as a stored procedure to delete row of the table:

ALTER PROCEDURE dbo.DeleteRowMaterialTyp
    @CisloParam varchar(MAX) /* hodnota v tabulke, ktora nam identifikuje riadok, ktory sa ma zmazat */
    Delete From MaterialTyp Where Cislo = @CisloParam

And this is code where I call this procedure:

EtiketyLINQDataContext EtiketyData = new EtiketyLINQDataContext();     
            string CurrentRowCellParam = LINQdataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells[0].Value.ToString();

It's quite strange to me, because when I execute this DeleteRowMaterialTyp stored procedure, it deletes, also when I use deletion in running application, deletion works again, i can see it on datagridview, but when I come back to the sql environment and manually make selection of the datas, I can see, that nothing has been deleted. Where is the problem? Shall I do something additional between sql database and linq class dbml?

2 things come to mind.

1. Is it actually calling the DeleteRowMaterialTyp ? eg, if you changed it to log to a new table like a syslog table to say "I was here with param: xxx" . does it do it?
2. is the value of CurrentRowCellparam what you think it is?

aha, ok, I think that problem maybe more, that it cannot touch MaterialTyp table...hmm, but anyway, this touches the storedprocedure DeleteRowMaterialTable, which is called with this line: EtiketyLINQDataContext EtiketyData = new EtiketyLINQDataContext(); so where is the solution?

because I already used messagebox to see currentrow.cell value that I need...

As I suggested, make a new table and adjust the stored procedure to append to a form of log file to say "Hi I was here" so you know it at least called it and that it received the parameter etc.

Could please describe me step by step what to do with this log file?

um, well the idea is to prove that the call is successfully running so the point is to use an additional table as a debug state to say

I got to this point with this value
I got to that point with this value
I didnt do that
I did this

so you can tell from the table where abouts your code failed.

After all I found the solution here :

I do not know how to execute delete, insert, update using datacontext...I really don't know, so I just joined the database...