I am wondering if theres code for removing this software completely, but through code ? It has been a while since I have been working on this type of a project, but now that I am trying I noticed security centers such as norton, and mcafee have changed a bit since my last remote attacks as a kid. Im wanting to dump a file that will terminate both norton and mcafee, but unlike all the SC STOP\ or SC CONFIG command once used in batche's to remote the software from memory, and takkill them from the process list, instead the software states you do not have administrative privaledges to remove it. Or it is password detected.
Could someone please shine some light on my ignorance.
Thank you!

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Well remotely i'm not sure if that will work...but if you know the process name or the PID, you can do a system call from c++ or just run a batch containing:

taskkill /f /PID [PID]
taskkill /f /IM [process name]

I'm not sure of how to obtain the PID via code, so the process name will probably be required. the /f modifier forcibly shuts down the software. But I'm thinking that today's antivirus software is a bit trickier to turn off.


Taskkill /F /IM will do exactly what you want, but it won't work unless ran under an administrator account.

You'll also have to find a way around the AV software's auto restart if process is killed, most of the new ones have it.

You might want to look into the ShellExecute function, with the SW_HIDE argument it can be used to do a lot of funky stuff. ;)

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