I'm charged with taking a site I helped create in VB.Net 1.1 to C#.Net 2.0 - I'm just starting to research this and wondered if anyone has done it and if you can direct me to some good material . . .

I need to add a new module to the site but we are trying to do all new programming in C# and in 2.0 . . . (yea I know, we're still behind . . )


Oh and by the way - using Visual Studio 2008 . ..

Beauty of .net is you can mix and match languages, so if your vb part goes in .net 2 then your task is a lot smaller.

So I should attempt to convert from 1.1 to 2.0 first then attempt to convert to C# correct?

i would recommond to convert to C# first. Luckily 1.1 to 2.0 C# conversion is relatively simple since most new things in C# 2.0 only make things easier (so worst case C# 1.1 code will be harder than it has to be).

Tricky part is VB.Net to C#. But like LizR said, it is up to you, you could run it as vb.net just fine with future C# code

The 'powers that be' have decided that I need to convert the code to C# as a learning experience before we fully begin to code in C# in a couple of weeks.

Well, you have a choice to convert to .net 2 then c#, or conver to c# and then to .net 2

Personally Id move it to .net 2 and then do the c#, as because you can mix language in various modules you could work through a module at a time,

Thanks again everyone