Hello everyone.Sorry if this question seems to be very naive.but i am new to vb.net.
I have created single user applications in VB 6.0 and MS-Access.I want to build a system using VB.Net 2005 and Ms-Access which will work over a LAN. Where multiple users will be entering data.Kindly provide me the basic necessary steps for this type of a system.The system will have recruitment of students.Each student will be given a student ID serially.eg. The first student will have a ID of S0001,second ID of S0002,third ID of S0003.

I'm not sure what it is you are asking.

Basic steps are

1. Design the system
2. Code the system
3. Test the system
4. Deploy the system

of course that's very basic.

If you need to know how to do the project then that's completely different. I'm not sure people will just code it for you, I suggest that you start with small parts of what it is you want to do and post code that you come up with when you get stuck. That way we can help you through the process. But since you've already written code in vb6 it shouldn't be difficult for you to write it in .Net

Sorry........I wasnt clear enough............What i wanted to know is the differences between building a Single User and Multi User System.....I can build a system which will work on a single PC. But what are the steps required to make it work over a LAN