Dear fiends,

Am Posting a Lot Nowadays.. Sorry if i had Disturbed you all...Hera my XML file..i Have to append a node below this..can some give me any idea how to do it..When i is over writing the file

i need to append


following to the below code...can some one help me..with 1.1

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Hi all..

I have Solved this Thread By Myself..Here is the code if some one needs..

Public Sub xmlAppend(ByVal TaskId As String, ByVal Status As String)
Dim Tskid, stats As String
Tskid = TaskId.ToString.Trim
stats = Status.ToString.Trim
Dim myDoc As Xml.XmlDocument = New Xml.XmlDocument
Dim root As XmlNode = myDoc.DocumentElement
Dim myElement As XmlElement = myDoc.CreateElement("Task")
Dim myName As XmlElement = myDoc.CreateElement("Name")
myName.InnerText = Tskid
Dim myString As XmlElement = myDoc.CreateElement("Satus")
myString.InnerText = stats
MsgBox("Xml File GeneratedUpdated")
End Sub

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