i want to aske if there is away to upload / download files to / from sql databse using asp.net
with C# i need to do that using using gridview i have view my data inside asp.net gridview i want to download my uploaded file in db when i Click the file inside gridview and when i edit spacified row in gridview i want to upload file again if i want to change uploaded file else leave the old one as it plz any one help me i need this very much

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You could store them in blob fields, (for which there are many existing examples)



Thank you for replay, i know that i should save them in blob variable insid database or using varbinary inside sql 2005 server ,

what i need to know how to do that using gridview in asp.net, mean all operation will done inside gridview add/delete/update/select and so i can to add FileUpload contronl insid gridview, and so i can add download button cotrol insid gridview , can any one help me plz :(

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Well, as you will have read in the stickies we certainly wont do it for you, and as you seemed to know what I told you (for which you could have saved time and effort for me and anyone else who might have replied otherwise) to say you knew that.. and asked a specific question..

Go look at some examples, come back with some code, and ask a specific question

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