Hi guys,

I am creating a monitoring program. I need to create a windows service to send a ping request to a list of servers from a sqp server database then store the results back into a sql server database. Need some help gettin started can i run the windows ping program from within the service but not have the console come up? Or is there a better way of doing it?

You could google for ping and c# and use some c# code to do it without spawning anything - which will be more compliant with working with a service

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Hi liz,

Thank you and i have found a few c# ping programs that do this but I was hoping to use the internal windows ping program is this possible?

It would be easier not to to be honest, if you want the output, its simpler to be in control and not reliant on anything else..

Thought that would be my response socket programming here i come!! thanks for all your help liz your a god send!!

its not so bad I promise - dont forget to mark things as solved