i have a problems.
can anyone help to settle this problem?
for exp;
a person will know about their status that he must pay the fines
he borrow my pencil.after 3 days, he must pay the fines.
1 late day, he must pay rm1.
it will also automatically calculate the amount of his fines
please help me to solve this problem...

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Here you are:

Dim LoanDate As Date
Dim LoanDays As Integer
Dim DueDate As Date
Dim DiffDays As Long
Dim Fine As Single
Dim Total As Single

' When loaned
LoanDate = CDate("8.10.2008")
' How many days can be loaned
LoanDays = 3
' When the loan time ends
DueDate = DateAdd("d", LoanDays, LoanDate)
' Amount of fine
Fine = 1.5
' Overtime
DiffDays = DateDiff("d", DueDate, Now)
' Total amount of fine
Total = DiffDays * Fine
' Show msg
MsgBox "Pay me " & Total & " money", vbCritical, "As Soon As Possible"

Not sure if you need all the code. Change date format in CDate() to match your date format.

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