Does anybody know how to create the login page by using Java and MySQL? The login page is contains the username and password, then after check the database, if the username and password is match, then user can login to the main page.

Anybody have any idea on it?
Or can provide some useful links for me. I still new and don't know how to create the login page which link with database.

So, if have any wrong place, please kindly tell me.

Thanks and regards

Are we talking about application or web presentation?

I take it you are talking about a web app?
looks to me like you want a .jsp page ( or similar) connected to some servlets. do you have any knowledge about those?

Actually, what i try to do is do the application, not an web based application. So, I don't want to use the jsp to do the login page.

What I hope is do the login page by using the java and also mysql. Does anybody have any idea on it? So far i don't have experience on doing the linking with the database.

Thanks and regards

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Search this forum and you will find many examples on how to connect to the database, even code on how to do the login check

and moving from one JFrame to another isn't exactly the most complicated step in the world. you should be just fine