Hey everyone,

I have a program using databases and I want to send a click event for the AddNewItem binding. I was able to do something similar for the "Save" icon, so that when a user modifies an entry they can click a link label that says "Apply" and it will save the entry back to the database. Now I want to have a link label that says "Add", which would allow the user to create a new database entry.

Can someone help?

LinkLabel control has a click event. Am I missing something :-/

Once I click the link label, I want to send the click event of the "AddNewItem" database binding.

Ok. How did you get that icon to work?
If you know how to make icon to do that, you might raise "icon_click" event from the LinkLabel1_LinkClicked . I don't think there should be much difference between those two cases.

The icon was added automatically. I've tried raising the _click but it won't work.