I want the following.

Write a program that implements the FIFO and LRU page-replacement algorithms ( Virtual Memory)

1) Read the size of reference string from keyboard
2) Generate a random page-reference string where page numbers range from 0 to 9
3) Create a input file with generated reference string
4) Read the number of page frames vary from 1 to 7 from keyboard
5) Read the random page-reference string from input file and apply to each algorithm
6) Create a output file with the number of page faults incurred by each algorithm
7) Assume that demand paging is used
8) Test your program with 20 reference strings and three difference number of page frames (1, 4, and 7)
9) Submit your source code, input file, and three output files for each number of page frames (1, 4. and 7)

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