i wondered if this is possible : you will create a windows service application and it will collect information from a certain type of application. let's say if the user is using ms word, i want to keep trace of the user on that like the typed words, clicked buttons etc. can we listen the user events that are rised from various applications by windows services, or is there a way to do what i tell?


i am not trying to create a virus, i take assembly course this semester, and in the textboox it mentions different intel processors operating in protected mode where applications can not access each others data and stuff, that is why i wonder, if that is prohibited by the hardware or so. i have never tried to write a virus.

No, protected mode wont stop you, however, keylogging which is what you described, wont get you assistance.

i dont want key logging, key logging is a premitive way of what i wanted. i want a more structural one, it should tell that it is ms word for instance. do you know anything as where to start?

well you could always use the keylogging program or any other program as a basis and start writing your own program that will monitor a specific program but you will have to make the program so it doesnt look like a virus becuase i tried writing a program that monitors ms accel and my virus protection said that it was a virus and tried to delete it.

Why, why, why, would you like to know what someone else is typing and the name of the program he is typing it in????
If you're taking a course in assembly, believe me there are plenty interesting assignments to learn from... ;o)

I know what you mean, it would be nice to have a structured way for applications to communicate between each other. The best you will find is by hooking on DLL's used by other programs.

There are plenty of legitimate uses for such applications without them being viruses or keyloggers -_-

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