Hi, I am trying to finish this small project of mine but I can't seem to solve the problem for a few days already. Its about an simple application on messaging and reading message between 2 phones but when I am doing it it doesn't seems to be too simple.:p
As I cannot seem to find out the error I'll insert the .txt file for the program instead of putting it in (code).

I would really appreciate for help on this one as I can't seem to solve this one. Thanks a lot.

On line 47, you try to use the member BasicHandphone::smsStatus, which you commented out.. so by uncommenting it, you remove that error. You also fergot to add the prototype for the operator>> function, so change you class like this.

class BasicHandphone {
   int f; 
   int smsStatus[10];
   int inboxCount;
   string sms[10];
   string smsDraft;

   {int f = 0;}
   void draftMessage();
   void showInbox();
   void readMessage();
   [B]string operator >>(BasicHandphone & g);[/B]
   string operator + (BasicHandphone &);