i really need help on this, i need code for this project, please help me, thanks in advance..

(Power Set) Given an input set with entries separated by commas, output all the possible sets that can be generated from this set.
Sets are described in the file power.txt
The lines consist of a comma-separated non-repeating list of entries which will become the elements of the set. Output is to the Text Area GUI component as shown by the sample dialog. The number of elements in a set is undefined.

Sample Dialog

JTextArea Output
Powerset of set {mario,luigi,princess} is

Powerset of set {1,2,3,4} is

Powerset of set {jess} is

You need to show us what you have done before we help you. We will not just give you code. Also ask specific questions when, don't just tell us you can't do it.

I'm sure Google will help you out. Try searching for 'Power Set Java'
Why do you take OOP courses (or whatever) if you don't want to learn?