Dear one,

I'm in need of to print "Hello World without using semicolon in C"...Itz so urgent...expecting the answers by 2day soon,..


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Urgent - ha ha ha ha ha

Gimme a break, what sort of lame-assed tutor thinks this is in any way teaching you anything worth knowing.

Oh, and you can't in any conforming C program do it, since the program has to inevitably end with

int main ( ) {
  return 0;  /* I got your ; right here! */

Go google "print hello world without semicolon". But its non Ansi C standard because it requires void main().

I am curious why you need to do these silly questions. If this is your assignment, help me ask your tutor.

No doubt they'll be back with the "how to swap two variables without a temporary" lameness next week :icon_rolleyes:

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