Dear Sir,
My project uses Ms Access as back end tool and visual basic as front end tool.
I have a problem when i run my project's tmgmt.exe file more than one time then it shows tmgmt.exe file entry into taskmanager's process tab.
Suppose i used that file 4 times then it shows 4 times entry in to taskmanager's process tab.

When it is use on single pc(on my pc) then there is no problem but when i run tmgmt.exe file from another pc through sharing then it shows file already in used. To remove this problem i always delete tmgmt.exe process from taskmanager where it is run last time.

Then please tell me the way how can i setup my programme which can capable of delete tmgmt.exe process from taskmanager at the time of exiting from programme/project.

Please help me it's urgent.

Thank you


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Sounds to me as though your program isn't actually exiting. Task manager's processes tab show programs that are running. If your program shows up there, it hasn't properly exited. Look through your code and find the section where you tell it to exit (This is usually in Form_Unload() ). If you don't see:

[i]some code here[/i]
[i]some code here[/i]

then your program isn't exiting properly because you haven't told it to close everything and clean up. So it's just sitting there in the background, waiting for input. While VB is pretty smart about a lot of things, this is one thing you have to be specific about. Just because none of the windows are open doesn't mean the program isn't running - and VB is designed so that people can design programs with *no* windows at all. So using the End statement is essential.

Hopefully that helps you out. If you need more help, feel free to ask. Good luck!

- Sen

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