Hi im trying to mess about with a microcontroller but I dont understand what the code means...

bsend (0x0E0);

Also the codes PD3 = 0X70 AND PD3 =0X7F mean nothing to me, are they related to establishing some of the ports on my microcontroller?

Thanks for any help

Very little information here, also i've never programmed microcontrollers in C++ only a version of assembly. However the name bsend indicates bitsend And so that would mean its sending bit via the output pin.


> Hi im trying to mess about with a microcontroller
Yeah, you'd need to specify which one, along which which compiler you're using to even begin to make any sense of that.

Also, posting more than one line of code would establish a context for better guessing, even if an absolute answer wasn't apparent.

These code scraps look like a part of an attached (to microcontroller, for example, M16C) device ( LCD? ) initialization routine written in extended C ( IAR? )...
Get the compiler manual and the device data sheet for details...
It's not C or C++ issue...

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