I am writting a program that takes in a number that ranges from 0-255 from an input file and a chip number, then I have to do a CDMA encoding on it. I am having a couple problems with the seeded random number generator. I need to have a 4 bit number generator for each bit read in and it keeps giving me problems. Below is the code that I have created. Thank you for the help.

    	  inputFile = br.readLine();
          File f;
          f=new File(inputFile);
          String strLine = null;
          BufferedReader iFile = new BufferedReader (new FileReader(f));
          while ((strLine = iFile.readLine()) != null)   {
                  // The value taken from each line of the input file
        	  float fl = Float.valueOf(strLine.trim()).floatValue();
        	  // Converted to int so that it floors the value
        	  int i = (int)fl;
        	  String st = "";
        	  st = Integer.toBinaryString((int)i);
        	  String string = "";
        	  String bString = "";
        	  System.out.println("st = " + st);
        	  // Reads each bit 
        	  for (int q = 0; q < st.length(); q++){
        		  char cd = st.charAt(q);
        		  string = String.valueOf(cd);
        		  int c = Integer.parseInt(string);
        		  l = Long.parseLong(seed.trim());
        		  // Inverts the chip number if the input bit is 0
        		  if (cd == '1'){
        			  bString = bString + chipNumber;
        		  if (cd == '0'){
        			  bString = bString + chipInverse;
        		  //declare a new instance of the Random class
        		  	Random aRandom = new Random();
        		    int out = aRandom.nextInt(c);
        		    String outString = Integer.toBinaryString((int) out);
        		    String finalString = "";
        		    finalString = finalString + outString;
       } catch (IOException ioe) {
          System.out.println("IO error trying to read input file");
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It's been a while since I used java random number generator, so hopefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe if you use the same seed for the Random number generator you'll get the same output each time. Is this what you want?

What's the problem you're seeing?

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