Hi everyone, I'm trying to link a class with a library. The script is:

/bin/sh ${BOREALIS}/common/bin/libtool --mode=link --tag=CXX ${BOREALIS}/nmstl/bin/wtf g++ -g -Wall -o $1$app $1.o -L/home/vincenzo/software/borealis-projects/LoadDistributionTool -lwld

I get the error:

Linker errors follow. This mode is untested; type "wtf 0" for the original output.

cannot find -lwld
in /usr/bin/ld

ld returned 1 exit status
in collect2

Why is it searching that library in the wrong directory?


Maybe the - in your long path is confusing things.

u shure the library actually is at that path?

Are you positive you have the shared library wld.so in your
/home/vincenzo/software/borealis-projects/LoadDistributionTool ?

And what is this supposed to be ? ${BOREALIS}/nmstl/bin/wtf ? its not preceded by a libtool option.

I am trying to get the system working, the only remaining thing is that when I run the script borealis/utility/unix/build.borealis.sh I got the error : Missing nmstl library (.../nmstl/lib) and there isn't any in the folder in which is supposed to be that library, even in the installation files and the folder ${HOME}/install_nmstl/ that is supposed to be created in the installation dont appears.