hello everyone.

i have search through the forums but unfortunately couldnt find the solution. if this topic has been discussed before, do give me the links to that thread.

i work as intern now and my employer asked me to program a software using c++ but they want it with the configuration file so it can be changed later if necessary.

i'm new in this c++ and from what i have been learning in my university, i couldnt find any topic on programming c++ with .ini files.

so if anyone could help me explaining to me how it coulb be done or just give links to the tutorials or anything else. :-)

There are many ways to implement it, here is just one of them.

If you want to store information in the registry instead of ini files then here is a good c++ class, although there are many others.

I imagine an ini file could be loaded from the same way any txt file could be loaded from, can it not? Although I bet there's probably some useful classes out there that have done the parsing for you.

thanks for the really quick reply. sorry for the late reply for i dont have internet connection at my house. i have been reading the link u give me but its all in c#. i just want to know if it is better to use c# rather than c++ (using visual studio)??