Hello !!!!

I'm callind a form from Dll it works jut pirfect, but i have no idea how it works, so now i need to add parameters to the function,so i can pass some parammeters to the form, and have no idea how to do this, any one can help??

1       typedef void (*CALLEDFUNCTION) (TComponent* Owner);
2       CALLEDFUNCTION DllFunctionPtr;
3       AnsiString fDllName = "MyDll.dll";
4       AnsiString fFunctionName = "MyFunction";
5       AnsiString fMessage;
6       char fDllNameStr[50];
7       strcpy(fDllNameStr, fDllName.c_str());
9       DLLInst = LoadLibrary(fDllNameStr);
10     if (DLLInst) {
11     DllFunctionPtr = (CALLEDFUNCTION) GetProcAddress(DLLInst, unctionName.c_str());
12         if (DllFunctionPtr) DllFunctionPtr(this);
13        else {
14                fMessage = "Could not obtain pointer for function";
15	    fMessage += fFunctionName;
16	    fMessage += " in DLL ";
17	    fMessage += fDllName;
18	   }
19     }
20     else {
21	fMessage = "Could not load DLL ";
22	fMessage += fDllName;
23	Edit1->Text= fMessage;
24            }

in line 3 is set the dll file name, in line 4 is set the function thet is defined and implemented in the dll file, it is a void MyFunction() now i need to run the same function but with parammeters, like void MyFunction(AnsiString A, TIBTable* IBTable1), how do i do this???

First you will have to change the DLL to accept the parameters that you want. That means you will have to recompile the dll with the new set of parameters.

I did recompile the dll it was the easiest think to do..
but it was hard for me ti figure out that i had to add a parameters in line 1 of the code and than add the parameters in line 12 it took me whole night.. but i got it by myself

About code tags ... you don't have to type in the line numbers in the code you post, just specify cplusplus as the syntax i.e.

[code=cplusplus] // code pasted here ...


Thanks, a good tip, i've just started to use the forum, did not have enoff time to figer it all out. really a good sears for knowlage. i really aprisiate help on the site

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