Want to move files from one App (Delphi 6 App - my creation) to a new folder. That is the easy part. I then delete all files with the .dcu, dof & dos extenders. Compile same. Now, the program saves data files. However, the new data files are posted in the previous folder!

How do I overcome this. I am not an accomplished programmer. Maybe there is a more practical way of duplicating an App file/folder. My reason in doing this is to work on the same App without messing up the original.

Thank you for reading.


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You mean your form's *.dfm and *.pas is in another folder? While *.dpr file is on another folder?


You mean your form's *.dfm and *.pas is in another folder? While *.dpr file is on another folder?

NO! I copy everything from the original folder to a new folder. Then I go through the described process in the new folder.

Thank you, Varn

Use grep and look you'll find somewhere in one of the files the paths have been embedded

Thanks for your suggestion. I have no knowledge of what GREP is. Maybe I should. As I mentioned earlier, I am NOT an acomplished programmer. I do it for my own amusement.

I did fix my problem, however. The Save dialog apparently remembers the last folder visited. When I was asked if I wanted to save the data I overlooked the folder title in the dialog. Excuse me!

I was hoping for a tip on a more elegant way of starting a new folder of the same program to avoid these smart units, etc dragging all the old stuff with it.

Many thanks for your concern.


Or you can simply open up *.dpr file in text editor, all files listed is the full path to the file.

grep comes with delphi - its a reg expresion file seacher..

Thanks! I can do that - open a .dpr file into a text editor.

I am going to try it pronto.

Thanks to all.


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