In real life, my name is Bill G.; "inumbris" is a descriptive handle that describes my status relative to most programming and IT matters (The latin scholars among you will maybe have a chuckle). I live in Idaho, USA and am a retired programmer mostly unaquainted with the modern world of IDEs and Object-oriented anything.

I am currently trying to build a software package programmed by someone else as a favor to a friend. It was done mostly in Microsoft VS C++. At the moment, it does not compile cleanly, producing numerous obscure error messages. I don't understand the product itself, and am hoping to correct the code with minimal damage to the authors' original intent.

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What version of VC was it originally done in? And what one are you using now?

What version of VC was it originally done in? And what one are you using now?

Original version: Don't know.

Current version:
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
Version 8.0.50727.762 (SP.050727-7600)
Installed Edition: Professional
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 77626-009-0000007-41503

I have corrected obvious things such as "undeclared identifier" which were apparently due to more lenient scoping rules in the original coding environment, but am now encountering ones I don't understand. I'm currently trying to dublicate them in short coding examples to (a) avoid a cumbersome post, and (b) avoid compromising possibly proprietary coding.

Thanks for the reply.

Welcome to DaniWeb! I'm personally a pretty entry-level programmer, with my focus being in networking and web-design (not a stellar web designer either, but I get by well enough), but we'll do our best to offer help anywhere we can. But don't forget the sister-site programmingforums.org, the software development section here is great, but it's good to keep track of all your resources.

Clear and concise is always good, especially when sharing code.

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