Has anyone tried this software? I'm going to download the Trial version but I wanted to see if anyone use's it and if it is any good. Thanks.

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Are you talking about Visual Studio .NET 2003? If yes, I love it. It's the best IDE (Integrated Development Environment) on computers today (for any language). It's so powerful, and reliable.

I don't know what I would do without Visual Studio.NET - I live by it.

Heh, I've never heard of. With that said, it looks like its an interesting product.

I like the way I develop fine, I don't need any addons like that :-P.

I have seen it with a buddy once. He works in the industrial programming field. You know, programming forklift like machines, auto-maker plants, and stuff. Anyhow he uses it a lot from what I understand.

Need softwire 6.0

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