Hi mates,
We are asked to create a huge portal system with lots of sub categories.
Think about Yahoo! This postal will get lots of users and in the same there will be many database process. In short, lets think we want to build something like Yahoo!
Now I'm in big trouble about choosing the right programming language.
I can code both in PHP and Python however all my team mates don't.
I haven't had serious projects about Python before and almost for 2 weeks I'm making a research about it Python and Django. Since it will be a huge system speed and load balance is very important.
I know Python is at least 2-3 times faster than PHP but PHP has tons of ready classes (if you compare with Python we can't call them classes actually) etc.
In the same time there will be clustering servers with Nginx installed and memcached will be used.
I hope I explained good.
What I want to know is which one would you prefer for such a big project and why?

I think you need to ask PHP guys why do they use PHP and not Django then leave here also this challenge!

For me I have never tried django, since I'm still young in language