Hi, I need to import a file with strings and integer values, and use each word i import as a seprate variable. I thought of using String Tokenizer to separate the words and make them 'tokens' but im not sure if that will make them variables and if it will how do i call upon certain variables..
for example
Txt File:
(in a StringTokenizer)
Victoria Baker / 9 / 3 / 195000

how would i call specifically on the 195000 to give it a 4% raise?


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Hi :-) First and foremost, is it a fixed format for there be a slash after the name, after the first integer and after the second integer?

I'm not sure what your program design is but it sounds like you'll need to make a seperate class to hold the data within a structure like a tree. So as your tokenizer seperates each token check to see if it's a word or a number then store them in an appropriate object within the tree. If they only need to be in their primitive data type values then maybe you won't need the objects just the check with maybe an if statement to check and then throw it up in the tree structure. any other data structure would work just as well I would assume. An array or stack, queue, linked list. the object would let you call back the variables. I know I haven't been really clear so let me know some more info and I'll try to help more.

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