i dont know pascal very well, so can anyone help me with this problem...
for the given matrix A(n*m) with real type of elements:
"create a file and write into it the elements of the matrix"
"create a new integer file and write there only the hole part of the matrix taken out from the first file, if fraction of all the elements are less than 0.5, and write only rounded value if fraction of all elements are greater or equal than 0.5.

thanks in advance...

OK, that reads like your course work. What part specifically are you struggling with - and what do you have so far?

thanks for replying, i just want the first part how to write the elements into the file type...
the second is easily done if i know the first part...thank you!

OK, so, as its your coursework what have you covered in terms of files?

...etc. and i know how to form a matrix but how to write it in the file thats the problem..

well a matrix is made up of a number of numbers.. simply write them in turn and then when you read them back, read them the same way as you wrote them