Hello, I am new to daniWeb. I am creating a script but have run into a problem when it comes to printing the line number.

   for word in words:
      word = clearup(word)
      if word in dictionary:
         print word

On the last line I want to do something like... print word':'linenumber Would I use something from " from linecache import getline "

I have tried:

linenum = getline(filepath, ##line_number##)
         print word.strip('.')
         print ' :(',
         print linenum
         print ')'

It doesn't work and prints Either data about a line of python code (not line number from the text file) or just prints a bunch of Trues... could someone please explain what I need to do?

Okay, what it your whole program try and do? I'm not quite sure with the information given.

If you don't want to read all of my nonsense just skip to the example.

Basically, I have a tuple of words. I am comparing it to a doc.txt to see if the word from my tuple match any of the words in my document. If item in my tuple that matches an item in the document I pass else: i print the item. I want it to print the line number of the txt document along with the word if it doesn't match.


My doc.txt has this in it:


my_tuple (



if word in dictionary:
         print word

that outputs ... uligy What I want it to output is: uligy : line 3

Enumerate is one way to do it.

for ctr, word in enumerate(words):
      word = clearup(word)
      if word not in dictionary:
         print "%s : line %d" % (word, ctr)

Thanks! I looked up enumerate and read about it. It was exactly what I needed.